(Toronto, ON) - One of Canada’s top rising country artists, Ryan Connolly, will be premiering his new single “Riding This Town” on September 17, 2021. The track is from his highly anticipated new LP and is an homage to country music superstar - Jason Aldean.

Written with Producer (and Canadian musical icon) Rob Laidlaw, the new single is inspired by megastar Jason Aldean, with tongue-and-cheek throws to his musical catalogue. “It is an homage to Jason,” says Ryan, “using crafty lyrics from his body of song titles to tell a story. And that story is of a man's love for horsepower, freedom, and a particularly special woman." The past year has been a creative awakening for Connolly whose natural cohesion with Laidlaw gave birth to this project and to a myriad of incredible songs. “This project has been organic from the start. It’s been a pleasure because of how effortless it’s been to create this art,” says Ryan. “From writing to production, we have really taken our time and I think the music speaks for itself. It will connect with everyone and I believe it will resonate with the country world.”

Born and raised in Chateauguay, QC - Ryan didn’t originally plan to be a musician - he foresaw hockey in his future. After a good run in Juniors and the NCAA, he was sidelined with injuries. “After I stopped playing hockey, I needed something to fill that void,” states Ryan, “music was always a passion of mine and it seemed like the best way to continue on my journey.” In 2014, Ryan and brother Jarrod formed a band called The Mudslingers that would garner national attention. But, after a series of personal and creative hurdles, Ryan ventured back into music as a solo musician, and from 2017 To 2019, Ryan was graced with opportunities to open for well known artists such as Aaron Pritchett, Cold Creek County, Sass Jordan, and Granger Smith.

With word starting to spread, and with critics (and fans alike) being taken in by his roots charms - this is an artist (and a song) that you won’t want to miss. “It’s taken a long time for me to possess the constitution to step out as a solo artist and I have put so much work into the process,” explains Ryan. “From writing to vocals to musicianship. I have pushed myself to be the best that I can be.”